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Dynamic Supply Optimisation

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Asset & Environmental Protection using Rotamarka™

Asset & Environmental Protection using Rotamarka™

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Your Digi-Twin™, Powered by Rota-Sense®

Digital Twin Energy is your enterprise level IOT platform that delivers intelligent insights into your Dynamic Energy Network. 

Access is enabled by the Rota-Sense® device, installed using V-TOL Rota-Fix™ (Registered Design & Patent Pending), a unique robotic airborne technology.

Digital Twin Energy has been developed by V-TOL Aerospace in collaboration with Balmoral Engineering, & Energy Queensland which regulates the largest Energy Network in Australia.

Why Digital Twin Energy?

Digital Twin Energy provides a new level of situational awareness in critical infrastructure management. Rota-Sense® enables oversight of the many technical and environmental factors that impact the performance, reliability, and risk of the Energy Network. The installation of Rota-Sense® & Rotamaka® devices on live energy infrastructure using the V-TOL Rota-Fix™ robotic airborne solution is contact safe, quick & asset management accurate. Predictive insights are provided in real-time using Rota-Sense® advanced data analytics for improved energy optimisation & supply reliability while minimising network risk by detecting and responding to emerging threats.

Contact Safe Robotic Installation

V-TOL Rota-Fix™ is a world first in attaching smart devices to live energy infrastructure using robot only contact. It is human safe, time-effective, disruption-free to energy supply, and offers easier access to difficult sites.


All Your Assets at a Glance

The Digital Twin Energy Platform enables total oversight of your infrastrucutre monitoring. The interface focuses on displaying information that is most useful to you. Predictive models notify you of potential failures and risks, allowing you to allocate resources when and where they are needed.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The Digital Twin platform utilises the latest in AI analytics to provide accurate insights Data collected by Rota-Sense® is analyzed in real-time by machine learning technologies to predict and monitor network performance during high-risk periods such as storms, floods, fires, and other natural disasters.

Live-Conductor, Robot Safe & Supply Friendly Installations

V-TOL Rota-Fix™ is a first-in-class robotic platform for the Energy Industry. Rota-Fix™ allows for Rotamarka® & Rotaflag® hazard markers & My Digi-Twin smart devices to be installed directly on to live powerlines without the risk of death or power supply interruptions to the energy network. It also generates only a fraction of the CO2 emissions of its traditional helicopter competitors to complete the job.

The use of a robotic Rota-Fix™ platform allows for previously unfeasible projects due to cost, difficult or dangerous site access, to be completed quickly & safely. This industry & field-tested V-TOL Rota-Fix™ platform has been designed & developed over several years in collaboration with Australia’s largest network regulator, Energy Queensland.


The Experienced Choice

Digital Twin Energy is made possible by V-TOL Aerospace, an Australian corporation based in Brisbane, Queensland. V-TOL Aerospace commenced its relationship with the energy sector in 2009 as a member of the CRC for Spatial Information (CRC-SI) supplying products & services to Ergon Energy.

For over 17 years V-TOL Aerospace has been a trusted supplier of Australian built and designed intelligent systems. V-TOL Aerospace has delivered services for spatial sensing, data awareness, education, and training to multiple governments, government entities, international authorities, and globally listed corporations, including The World Bank.

Digital Twin Energy and Rota-Sense® are enabled by our leading industry partners.


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Find out how Digital Twin by V-TOL Aerospace can keep you on the pulse of your infrastructure.


    Contact the team at V-TOL Aerospace for any queries regarding Digital Twin Energy at [email protected] 

    Digital Twin Energy is a venture owned wholly by V-TOL Aerospace Pty Limited